What You Think You Know About Broken Heart

You know the story. A boy met girl, chased her, loved her, ignored her, and they broke up. I've been in that same old story, but always failed to see when did it went wrong. Was that I was that him, was that the timing or we're actually just playing. I never knew until now. The last time he called was to invite me to his wedding, 5 years after I weeping over him for chasing me for no reason, and leaving me when I was madly in love with him.

I wasn't ready. I was only twenty.

I never am the pretty girl, but boys frequently asking me out. Even I wear my heart on my sleeve, I knew we're only flirting. Whoever falls in love first, lose.

Love is addictive. Lovers fail to aware that they've become a junkie. Sometimes it never the person, it was the chemistry in your brain telling your body to crave for your partner. That's when you need a fix.

Until one of them decides they wanna quit. You'd think the one who calls it quit wasn't hurt, but they did. In breaking u…

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