Level Up Your Groom Suit!

When talking about the wedding, we all girls sometimes absorb in what and how our wedding gown will be. And the groom will wear what we want them to wear. But Ladies, even when our men always agree with what we told him to wear, there's no harm in swift -a little- focus on them. On what suit would make our men the best version of them.

Eternal Black Suit
No one, I repeat, no one would go wrong with black. But not all black shining in the crowd. We must look deeper, into our men eyes, and choose which black suits him better. If black tux, white shirt, and a bow tie are exactly what came to mind every time we try to portray our groom, maybe we need to spice up a little. Like mom says, little bit salt, pepper, and oregano make mac and cheese perfect.

Now let's see your man. Is he has a long neck that goes well with the high collar shirt? This would be good to have an Old English themed wedding. Complete the look with a high top hat, he will love the look since he doesn't have to shave his beard. Don't worry, girls, it won't ruin your day.

But if you ask me, I would love to see my man in all black groom suit with preppy haircuts. Put a black ivory eyeglass to give geek yet mysterious look.

White Suit
Consider yourself lucky if your man has an extensive taste for the look. Why don't talk this all-white groom outfit that will match your formal semi-outdoor wedding party?

White is the right color to highlight his black and thick eyebrow with deep calm eyes yet warm smile. If you worry this color would make him dull, try to put details in gold or silver. Maroon and black will do too, just make sure to discuss it with him so he will wear the suit, not the otherwise.

The white color also better in men ethnic wedding suits. Just keep in mind to pick the right shoes, Ladies.

Let Him Decides
A wedding party is in every girl dream. Often we arrange it in our head, the theme, the location, the guests and the affection our groom give us. And the best wedding party is one where everybody can be who they are.

Forget about big wedding for a while, it's not for everybody anyway. Bring your party into the wood, at the barn, or in a seaside, just beware of the breeze for the last location. Our man will thank us when we choose a casual wedding. So he can wear his jeans on his wedding day or a simple blue shirt with khaki trouser complete with suspender and corsage.

So, lets talk to him about what they gonna wear for you ;)