Korean Soothing Songs

I'm a slightly big fan of KPOP, from Big Bang to Ikon. From Wonder Girls to Twice. From FT Island to N Flying. But, when it comes to healing a heartbreak, this KPOP songs wont help much. Just because I'm busy fangirling than healing. Like I spent more time to enjoy their wardrobe and choreography. Give a little damn about the music.

Since lately I have to live with a broken heart, this playlist will do me justice. Their soothing tunes and whispering voice calm my nerve. Calling tears I have been hold since forever. And their messages, well, you have to give it a try. I know some of you belittle Korean music and it's yours to choose. But, listening to one song wont do you any harm.

Remember to switch on subs whenever available. Music, start!

Zitten - Whale

My first founding on Zitten was when I work for NYLON Indonesia and often adjusting articles from NYLON all over the world. One of Zitten's song was using as a background music in NYLON Korea Photoshoot. It was a wet December, I tend to fall apart on December and Zitten's songs pulling me together.

Nam Taehyun - Hug Me

I was crying a river when NamTae leaves Winner. It's like I don't have any reason to listening to Winner's songs. I was waiting, waiting and waiting. Crazy but I feel NamTae's pain not much different with mine. So when finally NamTae's back with South Club, I have no other choice than to love him more.

OKDAL - You Did Well Today

OKDAL is a medicine I take for my severe insomnia. This Korean indie folk music gives me tickles and on the same time release my tense muscles. I also love how their lyrics is a simple thing everyone can relate with. Their calming tunes is a bonus.