Coffee and Kisses: After Taste

I really sad today.
Like everything I did was grey and dull.
On top of that, I re-watch 500 days of Summer.
Because once again I'm being a Summer.
And a Tom as well.

Did I told you I don't want feelings to get involved?
Did I told you to not bring your heart for this?
Oh, Baby, don't believe me when I say I love you.
But you.
You love me.
You said that.
You shown that.
Still I can't feel it.
Still I won't understand it.

But, Baby, everything has its own time.
I was counting when will our time ends.
I don't want it forever.
Yet I don't want it to be this short.
Oh, Baby, we both gonna hurt anyway.
And if you think I enjoy breaking people heart, well, I don't.
It just.
If we gonna go separated in the end, the sooner, the better.

Don't believe me when I say I love you.
But believe me, it hurts me to think that you're hurted.
I love you, Baby.
It feels right to say.