Pack Your Bag and Go

Did I ever told you that I really enjoy what I do for living?
Yeah, I told you million times.
Even when work gets hard and dull.
Still, I'm in the middle of planning my another solo trip.
After those routines, this girl need some adventure.

Often I realize the reason why I go solo isn't because I adore solitude.
It because I'm a control freak who wants everything exactly like I want. Minus natural causes.

And I realize (again) I measure people with my standart. Forgeting if everyone is a unique individual and have their own way to bloom.
It just been-there-done-that and I know few shortcuts.
People learn from mistakes. And grow with it.

But I couldn't. Keep repeating same old mistakes. Unwilling to change.
While my brain evolves, my heart stay kid.
This trip is one of my escape.
Hope I could comeback better.