lluvia #27

Old conversation.

Dear sir, i miss you so much. Not in the way love involved. But, you knew this before, i couldnt find another you. A guy as witty as sweet as indifferent as you. A guy with answer for each of my questions.

I told you before, we're compatible. Not in romantic way. But in the way your thought fill me and mine fill yours. We had talked a lot. Since the dawn to the dawn. Though i miss you every since. Im lost now.

Sir, im not in love. Nor im in rage with somebody. I just live. No drama added. Those old conversations, how i make my thumbs numb typed my emotions to you. Sir, how's life of yours?

My life plain like my favorite yogurt. A little bit sour, but it's plain. Sir, i dont feel like living. And i know, you already stop looking at me. Finally we lost contact.

Bizzare i dont feel pain. I dont feel anything. Im numb. Despite in missing you.