lluvia #25

'you can love me, you know.'
'no, i wont.'
'still in love with him?'
'it's not in love. but, yes. the love stay. You might should leave me.'

Dear sir, i found this boy, he's crazy about me. He have nothing but want to give me everything. His heart, is all mine.

No, dont tell me to run to him. Even if im not fall over heels to you, i got nothing for this boy.

But sir, i see me in his eyes. How i longing for you. How i give my all to you. Yes, you take me for granted. Like i to him.

He ask me to love him. I dont have any since its all yours.

It was rain when he tried to reach my hand. It was you i have in mind when i sat beside him.

Sir, im afraid im okay with you not around. Sir, have i crossed on your mind?

I wish for a rainy day. It's always rain whenever i am sad. You can guess it, im no longer sad over you.

Sir, i'll treasure us.