lluvia #23

'I heard you re in love.'
'Am I?'
'Yes, you are.'
'With you?'
'No, silly. With that boy.'
'I don't wanna get over you.'

'What's about that boy?'
'I like to see he smiles. Just like yours.'
'That's what i like about you. Is he nice?'
'He doesn't make me cry. Not yet.'
'You should let him know that you love him.'
'I love you.'

'I don't wanna get over you.'
'You should. Im no good for you.'
'I am not enough for you.'
'I tried. And I failed.'

'Find your happiness. With that boy.'
'I need no one to be happy.'
'That's good.'
'If I with him, did your offer still on?'
'What? No. Forget that. Lets just be you and be me. Not a friend, not a lover, not an enemy, not a stranger.'
'Then what?'
'Tell him your feeling.'
'I don't wanna get over you.'
'You will.'
'No, I wont.'

I see a hope. One that you can't gave me.