Ngabuburit at Market Bar

Spaghetti Ebi-Tuna Rp 78.000
special mocktail for me: apple and passion fruit Rp 40.000
Nachos Rp 60.000
So it's settle. Wherever I go, I go for spaghetti and nachos and mocktail. And now, I'm like in love with Kota Kasablanka shopping centre. You will see me at this mall a lot! For this week I ve been went there three days in a row. Fortunately with different companions. One time, I look at this new restaurant, Market Bar. It have two branchs, one in Kemang Village, but some how I'm not excited with the one I see first in Kemang Village.
It was midday in Ramadan, but I had woman privilege, when I visited Marked Bar. If you look at last picture, you will see that I had choose a secluded seat. This place was new, yet their menu makes me craved. They have salmon, and ribs, and much much cakes for our sweet tooth. Quite pricey, I should say, and not much main course to choose. I tempted to tried their sandwiches, before my eyes set on pasta. And you know how my feeling for pasta.
Even when I go for pasta, I wanna try something different. That's when I met Spaghetti Ebi-Tuna. The pasta is okay before I swirl it well. Turns out, it's too salty. I think it's from the ebi, it taste so strong that I cant feel the taste of tuna.
Not much option for beverage too. Lucky me, the nice waiter offered a mocktail I could make myself. Since that noon sun shones brightly, I was asked him to mixed passion fruit together with apple. Sweet and sour, like life. About their nachos, what can I say? It was so-so.
After this, I think I'm gonna dwell a little more at Kota Kasablanka. See ya.