So, i started today -or yesterday i must say- with ease. Got a food photo session, and a gig. Not to mention scumbag client (almost) ruin my day.
So it was rain. And blackout. And couple of good songs from taxi driver's cd.
Night fall.
Found out one fact holds me from sleep.
One message without a reply.
One mr.fake stealing my sleep.
One night i thought it would be good.
He still gets me. No place to hide.
Still no reply.
Phone calls wont do.
I need to sleep. Few hours from now another photo session waiting.
To be done.
Those men take my sleep away. Keep an answer for my question.
I should think just a little. Or my brain will got a cancer.
But i'll wait for an answer. I'll keep my eyes wider.
Those answer wont come in one, two, three days. Nor in one, two, three weeks.
Get over it, i shall.
Can i? I must.
I should have some sleep. Tomorrow -or this morning- might be good.
Even i wont get an answer. Nor an explaination.
Only a silent reminds.
Tear me and him apart.
Like a time and how i couldnt use it well.
Like a shadow i couldnt run from.
Sir and sir, you two always make me feel worthless.
I adore you two, still. You guys are brilliant.
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