Read This When You Want To Give Up

 I keep listing the reasons why I can't kill myself. And each day it gets shorter. Still, I live. Liking my job, taking care of others, set goals, and actually achieved it. All while still wanna die. So I try to understand, what's exactly in my brain. What's I'm looking for. What's the drive that gets me up every morning. Why I'm in constant pain. Maybe I'm just dramatic, a little bit melancholy. I know what I want is for the pain to stop. And I need to know where the bleeding is to stop it. What and who hurts me. Or No matter what and who, when and how, I need to accept and forgive. Forgive that I can't change the past, I can't change people. Accept that I only can control myself. To tough up and not let it hurts. Maybe this is not about me. Maybe the what and the who weren't aware that they hurt me. It's like a circle. While they tried to protect themselves, they unintentionally hurt others. The fact that I wanna die since 4th grade and sti

I'm Here Always

I wish I was there the day you left
they said you said goodbye
I know I was harsh
I never ever meant to make you cry
But I was scared
I didn't realize the passion in your eyes
You had to follow your deams
And I was left to stand by

Cause I never wanted you to be broken
And I never said the words unspoken
Why didn't I say I'm sorry

It seemed like yesterday
Your hand was in mine
The words you said to me
They won't escape my mind
If I could go back in time
And just rewind that moment
I'd change everything
It wouldn't be the same
But I never got the chance

I Hear your voice it's saying
It's all ok
Take the pain away
I'm here always

- the adamant

Saya kira cocok sekali kalau tuan memberikan lagu ini pada saya. Karena i'm here always.