I'm Here Always

I wish I was there the day you left
they said you said goodbye
I know I was harsh
I never ever meant to make you cry
But I was scared
I didn't realize the passion in your eyes
You had to follow your deams
And I was left to stand by

Cause I never wanted you to be broken
And I never said the words unspoken
Why didn't I say I'm sorry

It seemed like yesterday
Your hand was in mine
The words you said to me
They won't escape my mind
If I could go back in time
And just rewind that moment
I'd change everything
It wouldn't be the same
But I never got the chance

I Hear your voice it's saying
It's all ok
Take the pain away
I'm here always

- the adamant

Saya kira cocok sekali kalau tuan memberikan lagu ini pada saya. Karena i'm here always.